Has Anyone(Natural) Here Tried Split Training and Made Good Gains?

  1. Has Anyone(Natural) Here Tried Split Training and Made Good Gains?

    Split Training as in training twice a day? Specifically, the same muscle group twice a day. I was reading an article on T-Nation (sorry i haven't made enough threads to post links yet).

    It talks about training a body part twice a day doing your compound movements in the morning and then doing isolation work in the evening. The article states that it is more effective because it allows you to keep you workouts shorter, which will keep cortisol production down and at the same time increase testosterone production. Also, you'd be able to train with more intensity. As an example, you could train your back in the morning then come back in the evening and train biceps when you were fresh.

    I was curious how effective this would be as opposed to training only once a day, though. I've heard that working the same muscle twice a day is counterproductive to growth, but I have no information as to the reason why.
    If anyone can clarify this to me I'd be grateful.

  2. its really to keep your workouts around the 45 minute range, since cortisol builds up around the 1 hour mark if you are going natural. don't see why it would be counterproductive, unless you are overtraining. however, i have not tried it.

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