advice on lowering body fat

  1. advice on lowering body fat

    im at 16% percent right now i would like to cut about 5%. im just looking for some tips since this has never really been a problem for me.. i eat clean, trying to cut out beer all together lol. i train one muscle group each day and i believe its my routine that is not getting me anywhere. i do cardio about 40 min each day. any help both nutritional and training would be greatly appreciated
    5'7 175

  2. what exactly is clean...what does your diet look like? with that much cardio something had got to be wrong there.

  3. My guess is your diet is ****. You can eat clean and still be a fat ass.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger1 View Post
    You can eat clean and still be a fat ass.
    translation: do you know your total daily calorie output/input?
    if not, i would recommend adding those calories up so you know where you are. there is a diet tracker here or fitday also works well.

  5. not sure on the cals

    i eat lots of chicken oatmeal turkey sandwich's steak potatoes

  6. Quote Originally Posted by biggs14 View Post
    not sure on the cals

    i eat lots of chicken oatmeal turkey sandwich's steak potatoes
    Oatmeal is fine, drop bread. Brown rice instead of potatoes.

    Definitly make a food journal, add up all your calories. If you keep rewarding yourself with junk food after cardio, it wont help.

    And junk food doesnt have to be candy, it could be burger with fries instead instead of vege's etc.

  7. so what range of cals should i be shootin for??

  8. figure this:
    1g protein = 4 cals
    1g carbs = 4cals
    1g fat = 9 cals

    protein being our main concern... 200g or so that 800cals just for your protein. if you are trying to cut fat you'd be eating considerably more protein than that!

    without knowing what you so called clean diet consists of, ie portions, how often, "NET" carbs, and more detailed version of your training it is hard to gauge.

  9. body composition is 90% diet imo... my guess if youre probably taking in a lot of starchy carbs, and more calories than you think. assuming youre at a mid-age range 30 years old.

    youre maintenance calories would be about 2700 a day, at a 15% deficit you should be eating aprox 2300kcal a day. anything lower than that and its going to be more difficult for you to lose weight.

    your 2300kcal/day should be split into 40/30/30. which means 40% of your total cal/day comes from protein, 30%from carbohydrates & 30% from fat.

    that works out to be aprox: 230g protein, 200g carb, 65g fat per day. split into 5 meals, spaced 3 hours apart that is: 46g protein, 50g carbs, 13g fat PER meal, with the last meal of the day being 0 carbs.

    all carbohydrates should be complex. no sugars, very little starchy carbs. beans, quinoa, oats (not quick), brown rice (not instant) to keep track of total kcal & percentages.

    makes sure you are taking a multi vitamin, extra vit D and some form of omega-3

    focus on heavy compound lifts, 2 days on 1 day off. 15-20minutes inclined walking, keeping your BMP at 60% max after lifting. 20minutes HIIT on off days.


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