Can anyone help me get six pack abs????

  1. Question Can anyone help me get six pack abs????

    Hi Everyone, I have been trying these for months and months but it doesn’t help me anymore. I am talking about six pack abs that I am trying to get. I joined a gym for this and the trainer told me that I would get them…but NOOOO!! That did not help me and later on I have tried a few tips that I have been suggested by my friends but that also was of no use (the whole thing helped the abs a little…but not as I wanted). So, now can anyone suggest me any ways or ideas to get them

    Thanks for any help!!!

  2. Getting a six pack consists of two things: having the muscle to show, and having low enough bodyfat levels to uncover the muscle.

    What is your diet like?

    What are you doing in the gym?

    What is your general activity level?

    What supplements are you taking?

  3. eat less calories then you need for maintence, expect 1 lb of fat loss per week (with good diet) eat only whole foods. lots of protien (eaten not drank) and TIME!!!! you cant have a 6 pack in months (it takes a long time!)if your to far out, and it sounds like you just started working out. if you see improvement, keep what your doing. or ..... LIPOSUCTION!! (that was a joke, and i think its spelled wrong)

  4. and a very bad one

  5. like said before... 500 cal under maintain is 1 lb a week... keep up protein consumption to prevent muscle b reakdown
    i remember gaining 15 lbs over summer for football and maintaining it over the season... then basketball came and i would lose 17 lbs and the weight on all my lifts dropped (but i could run) still didnt have a 6 pack though even after droppin the weight
    one thing that worked to get my abs to show more was switchin back and forth from an ab BUILD day and an ab CUT day

    Build day had more weighted sit ups and rope-on-forehead and slow weighted oblique twists, etc

    cut day had crunches, 6in leg raises, jack-knifes, v-ups with high reps

    just my2cent
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