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    This is my first post. I would like to receive some opinions on my bulking routine. I hit the gym 6 times a week and eat anywhere from 2500-3000 calories a day with 120+ grams of protein (I vaporize alot of ganja and therefore cheat alot on my usually lean diet by eating large pizzzas and bottomless bags of popcorn). My ideal cutting weight is 185, my ideal bulking weight is 210-220. I've been trying to raise my bench, lat pull downs, seated row and leg press as much as possible. I like to get in the pool and do some sprints with the competitive swimmers, this is why I emphasize lat pull downs in my workouts and avoid squats (breaststroke knee.)

    Current Stats
    Lat PullDown:240
    Leg Press:450

    Goal Stats
    Bench: 315
    Lat Pull Down: 280
    Leg Press: 600

    Heres my routine. I usually do 3 sets for every exercise. Increasing intensity throughout each one.

    BB Flat Bench,Incline,Decline
    Dips,Peck Deck, Tripulldowns, Pushups till failure

    Lat Pull Downs,Closegrip+Widegrip Seated Row,Chin Ups
    Single Arm Bent Over rows, Back Raises

    Leg Press, Ham curls, Quad extensions, calf raises, abductors, inductors, knee raises (machine). Bicycle crunches, Leg raises, Plank, Decline abs.

    Thursday-Chest (emphasizing Triceps)
    Close Grip BB Bench, Incline DB Bench,Decline DB bench, skullcrushers,dips,flys,single arm tricep pull downs.

    Friday-Back (emphasizing Biceps)
    Preacher BB curl, Preacher Single arm bicep curls, hammer curls, pull ups, closegrip seated row, Bent over row.

    Military DB press, shrugs, lateral raises, assortment of light freeweight shoulder exercises.

    Looking for suggestions regarding my routine to help me achieve my lifting goals. Thanks,


  2. dude, that's a lot of workout, it won't take long before you overtrain and hit a plateau unless you can sleep 10 hours a night and don't have to work much with a job.

    my advice is to search out bulking routines and do some more research.

    just my 2 cents worth from my 18 1/2 years of lifting.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by canada88 View Post
    Current Stats
    Lat PullDown:240
    Leg Press:450

    Why aren't you doing pull-ups? They are a far better exercise than lat-pulls.

    Don't over think this. Unless you have many years of solid training experience, stick to the basics. Focus on compound lifts, they recuit more muscles than single joint lifts. Increase your total volume. Eat a lot of food. Focus on quality food sources. Be consistant with eating and lifting.

  4. tuesday back - chins seem to use the biceps more
    friday back - bent over rows seem to use the lats more

    i would switch these up based on what you are emphasizing.

    leg day - no squats? best bulking exercise there is?
    back day - no deadlifts? 2nd best bulking exercise?

    just my 2 cents.

  5. x2 I would concentrated on the big lifts (squat, deadlifts, bench, hell even shrugs) Why BB incline and decline for triceps? Training chest twice a week is a bad idea and a recipe for overttraining. 5-7 days for muscle recovery.



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