I have a big problem with the way information is shared in regards to pain with exercises and injuries. It's perfectly fine to share your experience and that's what message boards are all about.

But to "guess-diagnose" someone's problem is absurd. For example, Love2Bodybuild says my knee hurts when I squat. KnowItAll47 says "sounds like you tore your ACL."

Fellas, this is the same as saying my car won't run right. Then someone responds by saying "isn't there an idler belt in there somewhere. It's probably the idler belt."

When you want to share your experience, this is the way to do it:

1) How you were injured
2) The PHYISICIAN'S diagnosis and your primary symptoms
3) What you did to help with pain, a short summary of your rehab, and length of time to recover
4) Any mistakes that you feel you may have made along the way