My strength/mass program see what you think.

  1. My strength/mass program see what you think.

    I'm working on my strength gains trying to get my 1 rep bench over 300 pounds and build some mass as well. My goal weight is 190 by October. Currently I'm at 177lbs. Here is what I'm doing now:

    Monday: Chest
    Flat Bench (switch DB to BB every 2 weeks) 4,4,6,6,8
    Incline Dumbells: 4,4,6,6,8
    Sitting Press Machine: 4,4,6,6,8
    Incline Flyes 6,6,8,8,10
    Cable Crossovers: 6,8,8,10

    Tuesday: Bi's and Tri's
    Bar Curls: 4,6,6,8
    Sitting Curls: 4,6,6,8,8
    Preacher Curls 4,6,6,8
    Cable Curls 6,6,8,8
    Pull Downs 6,6,8,8
    Closed Grip Bench 6,6,8,8
    One armed Push downs (very slow) 6,6,8,8

    Wednesday: Off

    Thursday: Shoulders
    Upright rows 4,4,6,6,8
    Front Military Presses 4,6,6,8
    Shoulder Press Machine 4,4,6,6,8
    Lateral Raises (past 90 degrees) 4,6,6,8
    Side Raises 4,6,6,8

    Friday: Back
    Lat Pull downs 4,4,6,6,8
    Close pulldowns 4,4,6,6,8
    DB Rows 4,4,6,6,8
    Single arm Cable pulldowns 4,4,6,6,8
    Cable rows 4 sets till failure with decs. weight

    Saturday: Legs
    Squats 4,4,6,6,8 w/two warmups
    Seated Calf raises warmup w/4 sets till failure pyramid down
    Standing Calf Raises 4 sets till failure pyramid down
    Lunges 8,8,10,10
    By this time im extremely tired haha

    I have got some good strengthj gains in the thyree weeks Ive been on this program just wondering what you guys think. I gained 30lbs in a year and a half from doin 5x5 (used to weigh 149lbs) so I think I wanna go back to low rep stuff. I'm doin a 4 week cycle of trenadrol and should I stick with this or up the reps?

    Go big or go home? Is this true?

  2. Bump for opinion

    Bump for opinion?

  3. looks good for stength. mass gains would be slim though since you are only doing one set of 8. depends on what your main focus is. i'm going for more strength than mass myself so it looks good to me. two thoughts - reverse curls (targets branches), and rear delts (either pullovers, or laying face down on an incline and doing flyes) need to be incorporated. i would also add deadlifts for back days, but if you don't want to gain in the waist its not for you.

  4. I would start the week with legs when you are the most fresh. Also, doing triceps after chest is a bad idea because the triceps are heavily involved in all pressing movements.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. good point - i forgot to check out what days are doing what. as rodja mentioned - you don't want to train something, then use it as a secondary muscle group the day after. a better approach would be:
    M - chest
    T - back
    W - off
    Th - shoulders (since back uses them)
    F - arms (since you can't do any lifting after beating them up
    S - legs

    or something like that.

  6. Yea i think im gonna go with that routine. I've noticed the bicep soreness I just love doing arms haha. So:

    M: Chest
    T: Back
    W: Off
    TH: Shoulders
    F: Arms
    S: Legs

    Should I maybe cut a set of 4 out of every set and replace that with a set of 8? i.e. Flat bench 4,6,6,8,8 instead of 4,4,6,6,8? Or should I stop doing the 4 rep stuff and concentrate on 6-8 on all sets?

    Our rec center at college gets pissssseeddd if you do deadlifts cause of the floor. It sucks

  7. 4 + 6 are great for strength - i keep mine at 6 reps
    8 + 10 are best for mass - i would do two of 8 just to keep strength and mass gains about the same.

    maybe 4 + 6 + 6 + 8 + 8 - experiment around a bit - everyone is different in this regard. find out what works best for YOU.

  8. I've been doin 8-10 for a while now. I wanna change it up especially now that I'm starting something different supplement wise with the trenadrol.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by gibsonj4 View Post
    Bump for opinion?
    If you do some explosive exercises like clapping push-ups, or lying on a bench shooting a medicine ball up with both hands(and catching it). Also work back hard, strong lats help support strong chest.
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  10. I work back hard cause Ihave scoliosis and my doc told me to strengthen my back muscles to help with the pain. It actually has really helped. I will def try the flat bench medicine ball throws.


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