Leg growth Help

  1. Leg growth Help

    Thanks for coming in here and attempting to help me out. Anyways, im aiming towards possibly doing a Bodybuilding show in November and want to get more growth in my legs. I work them out the same fashion i do for my upperbody but for some reason my upper body grows much quicker. I have tried multiple workouts including: Bill Starr 5x5 madcow, High intensity training, 8 day mass/strength split. I am really setting my goal to possibly do this show and my lower body just isnt near ready. I am asking for Any leg routine that have caused the most growth for you. I could careless about strength because i have it, but mass i feel i lack compared to my upperbody.
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  2. 20 Rep squat routines are always good to put mass on your legs.

    Also deads + front squats go together liek steak and eggs and Are great for increasing leg size and shape.

  3. 20 Reps with what & of 1 Rep max?
    My current routine consists of Squats, Leg Press, V-Squat, Hammy Curl, Calf raises. Also i tried dead but i need a hex bar, i cant seem to get it down with a BB
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  4. Personally i like doing legs twice a week w/ a wide spectrum of rep ranges. Also is the reason you can't get down low enough with a BB on Deads because of flexibility? If so you may want to work on that as it will also effect other lifts. I also like to make sure i have really good form on my leg lifts by getting low enough on squats and squeezing the muscles on other lifts and not just lifting the weight.
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  5. Squats
    Unilateral LP
    Walking Lunges
    Front Squats
    Lying Leg Curls

    Rep range is best around 8-12 and I am actually a fan of splitting up quads and hams into 2 separate sessions.
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  6. ya i have quad and calf split up currently
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    ya i have quad and calf split up currently
    Where are the hams?
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  8. in with wuads. its acutally thigh one day cal the other
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Unilateral LP
    Walking Lunges
    Front Squats
    Lying Leg Curls

    Rep range is best around 8-12 and I am actually a fan of splitting up quads and hams into 2 separate sessions.
    Walking Lunges are King!

  10. My favourite leg day torture is putting something light like 3 45's on each side of the leg press, then doing a reasonable amount of reps, lets say 15. then pause, 15 more, pause 15 more etc untill your legs just burn like a b!tch, and their so full of blood they look like your flexing. Ill do 60-70 reps for one set. then take a break 1-2mn, then repeat.

  11. How did Madcow get a routine named after him, lol. Is he still on the message boards?

    as for leg growth, i can only tell you what worked for me before i got into powerlifting. The basis of it was 2x20 on the hack squat where you may not get that second set o 20, and go real deep. Followed by 2x15 on squats the same way. Then you can do whatever, i used to do SLDL's and callled it quits. I have skinny legs, and this was the best thing i ever did.

  12. Ive been doing waterbury's TBT. I usually hit legs 3 times a week, but not hard every time. For instance, the past 2 weeks it went like this...

    monday : Front squat (4x5...1 min rest
    Seated calf raise (4x5....1 min rest)

    wed: BB/DB lunges (4x8...1:30 rest)
    glute/ham raise (4x8...1:30 rest)

    fri: front squat (3x10..2min rest)
    standing calf raise (3x10...2min rest)

    ============================== ======

    Mon: Front squat (4x5...1min rest)
    Seated calf raise (4x5..1min rest)

    Wed: Back squat (4x8...1:30rest)
    glute/ham raise (4x8....1:30rest)

    Fri: BB/DB lunges (3x12....2min rest)
    standing calf raise (3x12....2min rest)

    That is just for strictly legs, obviously i am doing other bodyparts also, but was just giving you an example of different exercises, and rep schemes.

  13. I'm getting good gains from heavy ass squats, training my calves till failure with 4-5 sets of calve raise, seated calf raise, extensions with pyramidding down in weight. My calves have always been crappy but Im getting good gains from training till failure now.


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