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Level of Lean

  1. Level of Lean

    Hey guys, im running a pct now and soon will be cutting.. Assuming I dont lose any weight, which i probably will I will be sitting at 209.6lb -- 5'11.. up 23lb from my avatar.. Now, I havent put on too much fat, but I could definitely use a nice cut.. I have never been really lean 7-8%.. But i believe I have been near 10-12% before. I would really like to do so this year. What level do you guys think is Ideal for bulking.. I know that 2-6% is out of the question, as it would do more harm than good as far as bulking goes, but I would like a good opinion on this.. Thanks

  2. I believe less than 12% is probably the most productive when bulking. The less bodyfat you have the less estrogen you will produce. At 10-12% i feel I have enough protection on my body and body heat to be comfortable while also have a low enough amount of fat to keep estrogen down. Anything lower than 10% i just get achy and sore to easily, like when doing squats I would get bruises when I was under 10.
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  3. I believe that your natural bf set point is the primary constituent yet I do see some merit in the estrogenic anabolism correlation theory as well.
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  4. wanted to bring this back from the dead.. do u guys agree? what about upper 9%??

  5. I refuse to let myself get >10% anymore while bulking. At that point, I am adding way too much and either need to clean up the diet or increase my cardio. Usually when I'm trying to add LBM, I will just add about 300kcals or so and reduce my cardio from 5-6x/wk to 3-4x/wk.
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  6. 10% as in 10% or 10% as in up to 10.9?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Doug8796 View Post
    10% as in 10% or 10% as in up to 10.9?
    9.9. I usually take body comp assessments every 3-4 weeks for myself and if it gets to 10%, then I do it again 1 week later just to see if it was an aberration or actual fat gain. Another thing that I liek to do is to go into a modest kcal surplus for 6 weeks and then go into maintenance kcals, but increase my cardio. I find that I retain my gains and keep fat gain to a minimum when doing this.
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  8. whats the lowest you get? isnt getting to 8% bad for aches/pains?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Doug8796 View Post
    whats the lowest you get? isnt getting to 8% bad for aches/pains?
    I've been at around 6% and it doesn't lead to more pain. My recovery is actually a little better because my metabolic rate is very high.
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