Need help with training

  1. Need help with training

    What's up? I am new to this forum. I want to build up my biceps and triceps, shoulders and back. I used to workout 3x a week, total body workouts each. I am starting to work out again but am thinking, how many times can I workout each body part a week? And how many sets/reps are good for building lean muscle mass without over training? I will be taking the following supplements: ON Whey Protein and Size ON. Thanks

  2. 3x a week total body workouts? thats a bit much, though i did that for a couple months myself. the general consensus is 4x10 releases the greatest amount of TEST, but thats general consensus. everyone is different - 4x8 works for a lot of people. i don't know how to answer you as far as over training. are you starting to work out again doing total body workouts? if so then you know you have to start at 1x a week for the first week, 2x a week for weeks 2 & 3, then 3x a week on weeks 4 and beyond. for total body i assume you're doing a variation of the 300 workout (5x10 with 6 exercises)

    if you're not doing isolation, you can do this type of stuff. if you are isolating, twice a week is the most for any body part. i need more info to advise better.

    when i was doing the 300 workout (3x a week) i noticed i had to do variations like the following or i wouldn't progress in weight or size.

    M - squat (ass to ground) / bench / deadlift / pull up / floor wiper / clean and press (5x10)

    W - lunges / push ups / floor wipers / DB curl to arnold press / deadlift with hex bar (6x10)

    F - DB bench / sumo deadlift / chin ups / dips / floor wipers / the sled (5x10)

    anyways, PM me if i'm not answering your question properly - and good luck. hope this helps. on a related note, post workout you need protein and carbs for isolation, but ONLY protein for a 300 style workout. 5x10 is a natural test booster for sure, but you're relying on more free GH in your system to burn fat and gain size on this kind of thing, and high carbs supresses natural GH levels, and the test boost is more of a secondary bonus - pretty much the opposite of isolation exercises, where test is key, and GH is secondary if it matters at all....

  3. Would this be isolating: Mon-Chest shoulder Tri's, Tues-Legs, Wed-Back Bi's, Thurs-Legs, Fri-Chest Shoulder Tri's, Sat-Back Biceps, Sun-REST ? Would I build good muscle with this routine or is this too much? Oh and is test (Testoserone)? What is GH? Thanks.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kkr View Post
    Would this be isolating: Mon-Chest shoulder Tri's, Tues-Legs, Wed-Back Bi's, Thurs-Legs, Fri-Chest Shoulder Tri's, Sat-Back Biceps, Sun-REST ? Would I build good muscle with this routine or is this too much?
    M- chest Shoulder Tri's
    T - Legs
    W - back bi's
    Th - Legs
    Fri - chest shoulder Tri's
    Sat - back bi's
    Sun - rest.

    way too much. first off, your legs need more than that to recover. second you really should take two days off a week unless you're on some serious gear. M and F workouts would take too long - promoting muscle catabolism(sp?) . i would do shoulders on their own day along with traps - a split more like

    m- chest/tri's
    t - legs
    w - back/bi's
    th - shoulders
    f - whatever is your weakest point. switch around days to give you a 3 day break before doing your weak point again. also ATG squats are super important to any mass routine. not only do your quads release the most free test into your system, but working out your legs add about 20% to your upper body mass.

    make sure you are using workouts for mass too since that is your goal
    pull ups for back
    chin ups for biceps
    dips for triceps
    squats for legs
    the sled for legs
    bench for chest
    military press for shoulders
    deadlifts for overall (wear a belt and go heavy)

    GH is growth hormone, and it does work. in fact if you are just getting back in the gym i'd do that for 2 months, just to build up your stabilizer muscles. GH workouts are focused more on speed than the weight, and you should be done with the 300 reps in 30 minutes. and yes, test is testosterone.

    my 300 workout i was doing two weeks ago (i'm no longer doing them for a few months) was
    bench 225 5x10
    deadlift 225 5x10
    floor wiper 135 5x10
    squat 205 5x10
    clean and press 85 5x10
    took 25 minutes.

    when i first started this workout, and it kicked my a$$, i was doing:
    bench 185 5x10
    deadlift 135 5x10
    floor wipers 135 5x10
    squats 95 5x10
    clean and press 55 5x10
    45 minutes, and i couldn't breathe

    so it does work, took me 4 months to get there, but one hell of a gain. i'd give it a shot for two months just because its that good. my split used to include doing that on fridays, now i'm focusing more on my back to bring it up to the rest of me - weak point training...

  5. Thanks alot bro. I think I will try out this new routine.

  6. np - glad to help brotha.


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