Routine Critique - Thnks in Advance! -

Routine Critique - Thnks in Advance!

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    Routine Critique - Thnks in Advance!

    Well, I have officially forgone my gym membership. Having recently started a family, taking the time to hit up the gym everyday just isn't feasible. So, I have decided to use resources available at my home to 'get the job done'.

    My main goal is fat loss. I am well aware that this is done 'in the kitchen'. So, my diet, which is primarily a CKD, is in check. My questions/concerns come from the training aspect given my limitations.

    At my disposal I have...

    olympic BB
    olympic DB handles
    olympic EZ curl bar
    300+# plates
    15, 25, and 35# hex DBs
    resistance bands w/ handles

    I also have an alley that is ~40yds long that I will be using to perform HIIT sprints.

    Given the above, I have come up with the following workout plan:

    MONDAY (at home)
    BB front squat
    BB OH press

    TUESDAY (at home)
    HIIT Sprints
    Core work w/ bands

    WEDNESDAY (at local park)
    DB jump squat

    THURSDAY (at home)
    HIIT Sprints
    Core work w/ bands

    FRIDAY (at home)
    BB lunge
    BB deadlift high pull
    BB row


    On lifting days, the lifts will be performed in a circuit 'CrossFit style' for a either a.) a set number of rounds in the shortest time, or b.) the most rounds for a set time. I will keep track week to week and try to beat my 'scores' each week.

    I don't have a bench or a squat rack. So, most likely, the front squats will be done using higher reps (the most weight I can muscle up to my shoulders). And the pushups will be done 'ballistically'. I can't think of any other options to work chest than pushups.

    So, there you have it. Please help a brother out if possible!

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    Looks good to me. I'd incorporate some DB floor presses too. I'm sure there are many more variations of exercises you can include, it's just a matter of experimenting

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