5 day split too much?

  1. Question 5 day split too much?

    Been lifting for ~5 years now and leaning towards doing a 5 day split...something like this:

    Monday- Chest
    Tuesday- Back/Bi's
    Wed- Shoulders/Tri's
    Thurs- Legs
    Friday- Chest again

    What do you guys think? Workouts would be appr 45 mins in the 12-15 rep range followed by 30 min cardio. Looking to cut from 205 to 195. Only supps are multi, protein, and fish oil. Opinions welcomed

  2. think you should be fine. two days off should help get you the rest you need. i read an article recently (and i hope this applies to you) that branch warren did chest twice a week because it was at one time his weak point. if i was doing that program though, i would do chest monday and thursday - 3 and 4 days off respectively, vs the 5 and 2 that you've got going on. otherwise, don't see why not. though i am curious why if you're doing back/bi's pairing you wouldn't also do chest/tri's. just a thought. anyways, hope this helps.

  3. thanks for the reply....Im not fond of doing chest and tris together because once I get through with chest, I dont have anything left in the tank for tris since I hit them so hard doing chest...and I really like loading up the tris.

  4. i got the same problem. best of luck to you brotha. i do usually:

    M-HIIT (300 workout)
    W-LEGS/BACK (that way i don't have to pick a deadlift day)
    F-HIIT (300 workout again).

    i should say if you're doing chest on two different days though, to focus one day on barbell, and one day on dumbell - that way you can do more workouts in a session (instead of picking one or the other), and you can still do a slightly different workout the next time you go in. that advice was per the article i mentioned in my last post, so hopefully it will help you.

  5. I also do a 5-2 split but mine is set up differently

    Bicep lats
    Tricep shoulders
    chest forearms

    I find this routine to be best because it lets my arms get the rest they need and uses the legs as almost a rest day for the upper body



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