Uhhh how do I wear these wrist wraps?

  1. Uhhh how do I wear these wrist wraps?

    sorry about this being my first post. I was 115 pounds when I first started lifting, now I'm 150 but I still have my small bone structure so I have really weak wrists. I bought Inzer small wrist wraps.
    My question is whats the right way to wear them? I put my thumb in that elastic loop and just wrap it around my wrist very tight and velcro it. Is this correct? Thanks in advance.

  2. Wrist wraps are a good training tool for lifting heavy. Don't use them for everything, just your heaviest lifts. You can use the thumb loop or pinch an end between your thumb and palm. Wrap it loose first, then roll it around the other hand. Wrap tightly this time. After one time around the wrist, relax the hand. Make it as tight as you like. Remember to undo after sets to let blood flow to start again. I am assume these are wraps that can go around the wrist multiple times. If they are not, then just remember the first part; don't use them for every lift every time, it will weaken your wrist to do so.

    Don't forget to train grip strength and the pulling muscles in the upper body. Pull-ups are a must for this. Train hard.

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