My knee pain has recently gotten very bad from continuous use and a previous injury. I LOVE doing squats and doing legs. Nothing beats the feeling after leg day. BUT....I have realized that if I don't give up legs for awhile (not sure how long) that I will need surgery and not be able to lift at all for awhile. I may do some deads and leg extensions, depending how the knee feels. Overall I will be taking the legs very easy, no squats, but hoping to maintain size. Here's the question: I am changing my split due to this. Less legs and more upper body. What will the effect be? More upper growth due to more frequency or the same/less growth due to less test/GH from heavy leg stuff?

Old Split:

Monday: 4x8
Push/Pull supersets

Squats and Quad work

Thurs: 5x5 or 4x12
Push/Pull supersets

Deads and hamstring work/abs/calves

New Split

Monday: 4x12
Push Pull supersets

Weds: 4x8
Push pull supersets

Deads/extensions(if tolerable) abs/calves/random

Fri: 5x5
Push pull supersets