training for arm size...

  1. training for arm size...

    I have been working out 5 days a week my arms havent been a main focus but i would start to see more size on them. What can I do to build more arm size? I have been doing all isolation moves for the past 2 weeks.I have been thinkin about training them every couple of days to shock them to get more muscle. is this ok? and what workouts or good for bi's?

  2. Put up your workout schedule, exercises, diet, and you'll get your question answered in no time flat.

  3. One of the biggest issues i've seen in the past is people working them too much. They receive a lot of work through other major muscle groups worked and then people still set aside arm days. Of course, you need to post how you work out etc for anyone to attempt to troubleshoot your particular issue.

  4. Bent over rows with the barbell

  5. I've read around that overall arm size is relitive to the size of youre back. The bigger and stronger you back the larger your arms. I know my byceps are alot bigger sence I've made big gains in deadlifts and other compound back exercises.

  6. gain 25 lbs of muscle and they will grow.

  7. The short and sweet version? Increase your intensity when you do work arms, use your 5RM as your weight. If you'd like more detail then that... you might want to post your diet and weekly lifting program.

  8. i heard the best mass exercises for biceps are chin ups, and barbell curls. the best for triceps are dips. on a serious note, you shouldn't do isolation for your arms if they are under 15", instead, stick to the three aforementioned exercises until they get to 15", then go for isolation. it worked for me, so thats my 2 cents.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jcp2 View Post
    gain 25 lbs of muscle and they will grow.
    Yeah quickest way to arm growth is through compound movements. On cycle supersetting bi's and tri's really gets them growing quick for me, but offcycle gains come slow.

  10. im need more arms size. so not that school out for a 3 trainin arms.delt 2x

  11. i think a lot of arm growth also depends on genetics. for instance my friends arms grow with ease to almost 17 without any "assistance"

    My arms are stubborn and after a bulk with fat it was barely 16. Id have to say that the brachalias (correct me if im wrong) is what provides support in bicep growth. What makes your arms look huge is a nicely developed tricep with a nice peaking bicep. when doing the bicep lifts I notice that the thing that hinders m e is my brachalias which would be this veiny looking hard muscle near your elbow. It takes most of the strain off the lift and in result no matter how tired the biceps, they have slow growth.

    One thing that works well with getting massive arms is just genetics. Peaking biceps, long biceps it all has to do with genetics. My genetics SUCK for bicep growth but my calves which I rarely do a lot of exercises for seem to grow like weeds. Gotta love your genetics sometimes

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Cellardude View Post
    What makes your arms look huge is a nicely developed tricep
    True that, its 2/3 of your arm, if i remember correctly.

  13. yep... thats what makes mine look big - my bicep sux in comparison. weighted dips helped put on a lot of tricep mass, though i have to keep my legs straight down (with weights), or my chest seems to get involved too much.

  14. post the diet and exercise, because the diet may be the culprit...other than that, heavy rows, whether machine rows, free barbell bent over rows, dumbell rows, T-Bar rows (ronnie coleman style), weighted pull ups, chin ups.

    The only direct work I do is heavy barbell curls5rpes), then I alternate the next week with ligther heavy curls(12reps)...I add weight in each category if I can get 5 or 12..I use the 1.5lb magnets and they work well for strength and size. if Im just going for size then I stay 10-12 reps 2 sets, but that's a HEAVY 10-12 reps, just not as heavy as my 5.

    And close grip press for triceps help your overall tricep grow, which makes the ARM appear fuller and larger(girth wise)

  15. first off, if you want your arms to grow hammer your triceps, majority of the arm is your tricep not bicep. the excercies that work best for me are DB tricep kickback those are my favorite, weighted dips def., DB french press, for biceps i like drop set DB curls start at 50 do as many as you can and with no rest keep dropping down 5 lbs and your last set should be with 20lbs and chinups are great to


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