1. Tri-Sets

    I recently started incorporating tri-sets. However, I'm not sure if I am doing it properly.

    If I normally do 12 sets for chest, do I just add one more exercise after my Tri-Set? Or would that be too much?

  2. I don't understand the question. My idea of tri-sets is dong 1 set each of three different exercises in rapid succession, like a superset. Is that what you are talking about?

  3. Yes sir.

    See, usually for chest day I'll do incline, decline, and then bench and then flyes

    But i decided to switch things up with a tri-set that goes incline, incline db press, and incline flyes

    My problem is, I'm wondering if I should consider the tri-set 1 set or 3 sets? It's worth asking because I'd rather not over train.

  4. I consider trisets one set, but I never triset exercises for the same muscle group. For instance, a common triset for me is incline DB press, pulldowns, pullovers. This hits three different muscles in one triset. I consider that one set and I do four of them.

    I would be afraid that your method did not allow for adequate rest between sets.

    I learned about supersets and trisets from reading Dave Draper, but I could definitely be wrong.

  5. I would agree that I did not get adequate rest between sets, as my log shows how much less I lifted in the exercises compared with how much I usually lift. However, the pumped feeling is unmatched. Also, I hadn't experienced that much soreness in a long time, and that's something for me because I constantly add weight weekly. It felt like a hardcore workout indeed.



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