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    Hey guys, i am 18 and over weight i am around 220-225 i am 5' 11" and am realizing as i am about to end my junior year i need to get healthy.

    I am already taking care of the dietary part by cutting Sugary drinks such as powerade, juices, soda etc and sticking to water and an occasional glass of orange juice. I am also just going to start eating smart by cutting fatty food.

    I need help making a routine to help bringing all this together with a solid routine my Goals:

    1) to tone my whole body Especially my chest and biceps

    2) i want to get down to around 200 pounds by the end of summer which is in august towards the end

    3) i want to get back in shape and start playing Ice hockey again.

  2. Arsenal,

    I commend you for setting goals for yourself, most people who are overweight just complain about it and never even make it as far as you. Great job in that! Cutting out sodas and sugary drinks is a great start; you might also want to look in to raising your lean protein intake and lowering your carb intake (esp. fast carbs). As far as a workout goes I think that you would have great results with basic circuit training and cardio.

    Use the following for the summer and you should lose your weight and tone up considerably (as long as you keep your diet in check that is :

    Day 1: Medium to Low intensity cardio- 35 min. This means to keep your heart rate at 120-140
    Go through the following exercises without resting in between then repeat for a total of 3 times through:

    Dumbell Bench Press x 20
    Dumbell Curls x 20
    Barbell Deadlift x 20
    Dumbell Overhead Press x 20
    Barbell Squat x 20
    Lat Pulldowns (Wide Grip) x 20

    Day 2: 40 Min. Cardio

    Day 3: Rest

    Day 4: 45 Min. Cardio
    Weightlifting cirtcuit x 3

    Day 5: 45 Min. Cardio

    Day 6: 45 Min. Cardio
    Circuit x 3
    Day 7: Rest

    Vary the types of cardio you perform every day, ex. biking, swimming, treadmill, basketball, elliptical, etc.

    You can also vary the order of the exercises in the circuit from week to week.

    As far as supplements go, I wouldn't worry about anything except mabye a protein powder. Whey protein is a very versatile protein and can be used to replace meals or as a post workout recovery drink.

    The key is consistency, if you want to meet your goal then make it happen. Don't miss any days. Just keep you goals in mind and work hard and you will be amazed with the results. Good luck,


  3. The first step is to lock in your diet, can you post a typical day's food intake?

  4. What is a low Cardio vs medium

  5. in the morning I have an egg sandwich on white or wheat with some juice. Then for lunch a rice chicken combo with water and then what ever is made for dinner and I eat a couple snacks inbetween

  6. Quote Originally Posted by arsenal121290 View Post
    What is a low Cardio vs medium
    That's just the intensity level of the cardio. I was just giving a rough estimate of how hard the cardio should be. Just keep your heart rate in the suggested range and you should be good.


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