New Split: Inspired by HST/DC

  1. Lightbulb New Split: Inspired by HST/DC

    New Routine, Please Tell me what you think.
    Any comments/suggestions/critque welcomed.
    AGE: 24 yrs old,
    HEIGHT: 6'1''
    WEIGHT: 210LBS
    B.F. ~12%
    YEARS LIFTING: 9, mostly for sports, now solely recreational. I enjoy playing bball, tenis, football, frisbee, swimming etc. on my non lifting days.

    New Program:

    1 on/ 1 off
    *Full body 2-3 sets per body part. As of now not doing any direct arm work, arms usually grow pretty well on their own.*

    First I will give you a general outline, then my first workout completed yesterday.



    This ordering of body parts is a sample. I performed the lifts from most energy used>>>>>>>>lease energy used.
    This isn't necessarily the same order used every time.

    Workout performed yesterday:
    Squats: 2x12
    Pull ups: 2x8
    SLDL: 2x10
    Incl. DB Press: 2x12
    Seated Straight Bar rows (pulley): 2x12
    DB lateral raises: 2x12
    Seated machine crunch: 3x30
    Standing calf raises: 2x20

    I Just finished up a strength-hypertophy conjugated split routine, with two days a week devoted to upper body and two to lower body.
    My strength shot up through the roof, size gains were meager.
    This is primarily due to not enough cals. I'm gunna take care of that this time around.

    Any help/comments/suggestions appreciated.
    My goal is to do enough volume to induce major hypertrophy while allowing myself enough time to recover, thus 2 sets per muscle group.

    I also plan on rotating exercises, I will probably come up with 3 or 4 variations to the workout.

    Thanks a lot everybody for taking your time to read and comment,

    Stay classy!

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