1. Max-OT

    Any one use Max-OT for weight training? Been using it for about 5-6 months and have noticed good gains.

  2. I used it a few years ago and really liked it. I used it during the winter and saw some pretty good gains. When summer is coming, I tend to switch my workouts to something that can give me better cuts. I will say that if you're bulking and new to the routine, you can make some pretty decent gains.

  3. currently using it also for about the same amount of time as you ... definitely my favorite style of lifting thus far

  4. Ive used it off and on for about 5 years, works great for strength and size gains, trouble is i get worn out from it at about the 5th week or 6th week and gains start to stall. then i take a week off every 8 weeks of training and come back to it. i also dont get as good a pump from doing 4 - 6 rep range training so after a cycle or two of max-ot ill switch to a 10 - 12, 8 - 10, 6- 8 , with only one heavy set per exercise. this gives my ligaments, tendons, and joints a chance to rest and get used to lifting that heavy weight it just worked up to, then when i go back to max-ot the strength usually goes up again. this has been working well. good luck!

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