bad pain under armpit? worked chest today

  1. bad pain under armpit? worked chest today

    Is it possible I pulled a muscle that connects under there? Or is it likely an entrapped / pinched nerve? It's right in the center of my left armpit..

    I've had this before but it was pretty minor compared to now. Only thing I can think of were the heavy seated incline cable flies I was doing today could have pulled a muscle in that area, from stretching back too far?

    Anyone know what this could be?

  2. Well I pinched a nerve in that area once and it felt like someone lit my arm on fire, I could not move my arm for like 20 min. So if it doesn't not hurt very bad it is likely a muscle thing. If it does not get better though I would see a doc.

  3. Thanks, yeah it definately must have been muscular of some sort. The pain is completely gone today. Weird. Doesn't even hurt when I stretch..which is odd if it were a pulled or strained muscle /tendon. Usually doesn't disappear that quickly...

    I used to have bad tendonitis in that shoulder when I was younger and snowboarding a lot more (it was my forward leaning shoulder, so it would take most of the brunt of my falls). I wonder if it has something to do with that now due to scar tissue in there somewhere.

  4. I can almost guarantee, if it's under one side it will be glandular.

  5. That's what I thought, but it started right after doing heavy seated cable flies, and I was stretching back real far on them.

    I didn't feel any lumps either...I've had a swollen gland in there before, this definately felt different, a lot worse..but without any swelling or any lump present. I feel nothing and have absolutely no pain when I press in there now.



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