Poll: How many times do you workout chest in a week?

How many times do you workout chest?

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  1. referring to above every week you increase your max five by 2.5 lbs or since my gym doesn't have that small of weights i increase my max five by 5 lbs every 2 weeks.

  2. Twice a week. One day heavy and one day light (high rep) when doing another body part heavy.

  3. nice a little power/hypertrophy going on.

  4. I do chest 4x a week. 100 lb dumbbells. Im guessing this is too much, but I use to be in football and was a heavy powerlifter so im thinking the way I workout is a little off. because I dont powerlift anymore. After reading this thread though im definately going to cut back significantly.

  5. 2x a week
    Monday and Friday
    12 sets of 8-10 monday
    9 sets of 10-12 friday
    Composed entirely of dumbell/cable exercises.

    Has been great for hypertrophy, but i would say low to moderate strength gains (though i havent benched in ages, so i dont really know how to compare it to how strong i was previously). Then again, i have a strange routine, but i like it and it works for me. Been putting on more mass (but less strength) than i had been with the Starr 5x5.

  6. twice a week,
    Incline bench
    incline db bench
    inlcine flyes
    sub reg bench for incline db bench as well
    Shoulder injuries caused alot of problems, just trying to catch up on upper chest area

  7. I have my 4 day split,

    Mon: Shoulders Bicepts
    Tues: Back Tricepts
    Thurs: Chest Abs
    Fri: Legs

    Cardio on off days

  8. I hit my chest twice a week , giving 2 days rest. First workout I go with barbell exercises combined with machine flys. Second workout is all dumbells to include flys. Never more than 4 sets and 6-10 reps per. I've always had good luck with it. I usually go heavy every other week, the rest of the time I keep the weight manageable and stick to form.

  9. I do chest 3 times a week.... Part of a full body workout... 4 sets 10 reps each day.. Tue-Flat BB bench press...Thu-Incline DB press.. Sat-Cable flys..... Works very well for me.

  10. so 6 x a week bench curls is not how to get big? lol jk

    i only work it once a week

  11. 6 exercises, 24 sets and 216 reps per week

    twice a week

  12. I do 3 sets of 12's with 225lbs for flat bench.
    Decline bench 3 sets of 12's with 80lbs dumbbells
    Incline bench 3 sets of 12's with starting with 60lbs and working up to 80lbs
    then i do cable flys... with 35lbs on each side... also 3 sets of 12's, squeezing and holding for about 3 seconds with each rep....

  13. Quote Originally Posted by CryingEmo View Post
    Yeah, I wasn't aiming it at you. I know AM members are the exception to the rule. I just get frustrated when people base your overall strength and even your fighting ability on how much you can bench.
    This guy who was at the gym with me basically 3 times a week, but not a friend, was having a bad day I guess, and was runnin his mouth to everyone, one day. He was a big dude, prolly 6'2" and 240-250, with a huge bench, in the 400's. When he started aiming at me, I let it slide like 3 times, and thoen gave up. We
    went out to the parking lot and I dropped him with a jab to the chin and a power to the nose, laid him out in the middle of the lot, with mad people around cheerin cause he was being such a prick. Took 10 sec. Now I'm only 5'11" @ 190. It took him three weeks of working out with me 3 times a week still, to come up and apologize. Then he finished by asking me, "how are you so fast?". Hilarious. But I know how you feel.

  14. Yea u can be strong as hell and still not know how to fight. Anyhow, I work chest once a week. I just feel more fresh when I give my chest a week to rest.

  15. Once a week, 2-4 sets TOTAL after warm up.
    When you leave this world, will it be a better place because you were here?


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