Whats up, I was looking for a new training program for summer and I'm going to have one class a day and NOTHING else to do. I plan on working out twice a day, 6 days a week. I plan on using HST Training though and I think I need some help setting it up. Ok so here it goes. I'm going to start off at 8 reps instead of 15 or 12 or 10. I need help learning how to use the calculator on the HST site... I don't understand how it works. My diet will be in check and very clean. I'm not really looking to become super strong, I just wanna make gains on the scale and in the mirror. Also I like to run and play basketball so I will be doing alot of cardio.




Is that a good setup? Here is how my A.M. P.M. workouts will break down.

A)Incline Bench(maybe dumbbells haven't decided yet) 2x8,Flat Bench 2x8,abs
B)Squat 2x8, Deadlift 2x8, Bicep curl 2x8, preacher curl 2x8, bb curl 2x8

A)seated military press 2x8, Tri extention 2x8, Nose buster 2x8, Arnold Presses 2x8, Power Clean 2x8(depending on how sore I am might only do 1 or twice a week.)
B)Row 2x8, tbar 2x8, forarms (alot)

Is that a good setup? There will probably be around 6 hours between workouts... also, How do I allocate my weights for my workouts? Thats the only fuzzy thing I'm trying to figure out when setting this up. Is this too much volume? I really don't know, but I've done this type of stuff before with a lot of volume and I enjoy it... So what do you guys think? Also as time goes on and I find whats the lagging body part I'll add more isolation stuff in but I don't wanna kill myself so this is all I got so far.