Training Variety

  1. Training Variety

    Hello Everyone:

    I have been back to weight training for the past year and have made some pretty decent gains. However, I just finished an intensive heavy, balls to the wall weight training regimen for the past two months. In addition, I was taking the supplement Methyl Mastedrol during that time frame. I am now cylcling off the supplement and have just been finding it harder to get back into the gym. I also need to change my workout routine to a moderate resistance training to recover from the past two months. Can anyone suggest any workout programs???? I am looking at working out Friday, Sunday and Tuesday since my job requires most of my time.

    Thank you for all your suggestions...


  2. Quote Originally Posted by vetteman36 View Post
    Methyl Mastedrol
    Did you take V2 or the original?

  3. Methyl Mastedrol Xplo Caps (the bottle that is on the front page of anabolic minds)

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