Trying to work out a routine.

  1. Question Trying to work out a routine.

    At the moment i don't have set days on which i train. All depends on what shifts i get. I'll be hopefully sorting that out soon though as i'm trying to get my hours at work cut down a bit.

    Monday: Legs, triceps
    Tuesday: Chest, biceps
    Wednesday: rest day
    Thursday: Shoulders
    Friday: legs and back
    Saturday: rest day

    This is not my routine at the moment but i was just wondering if it seems like to much? I really lack in training my legs and shoulders, would doing them both twice a week be to much?

    I don't usually train 5 days a week. I'm in the process of sorting a bulk out for myself which i'll be starting in a month or two when i'm not so skint. Any comments would be appreciated

  2. I dont do tri's before chest, it would hinder my chest day. My arms would/should be too sore to do a good chest workout.

    Same thing with bi's 2 days before back. Im always sore for at least 3-4 days for whatever body part i hit.

  3. Well, personally im nuts so i gotta train everything in 1-2 days because i have the endurance to lift in that sort.. but for your shoulders you should attempt presses with either a straight bar or the short little oval bar with 2 handles, that'll put some size right on your shoulders and help them develop more in depth. Kind of like doing 1/2 cleans I do them 5x6's or sometimes 7x6's and they just woop ur arse.

    And if you're looking for a split i was going to do this as
    Chest Forearms Abs
    Back shoulders
    0ff Cardio
    0ff Cardio
    Tris + Bis
    Legs + Abs

  4. My current routine....

    mon - off
    tues - arms
    wed - shoulders
    thurs - off
    friday - back
    sat - chest
    sun - legs

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