help with HST training,

  1. help with HST training,

    okay, so im about to start HST training and im confused on a couple things here. first off, i'm cutting right now. im about 14-15bf and i want to get down to 10%. here is my routine, plz tell me if its not set up right. (first 2 weeks)

    1-squats 1x15 (may add SLDL if recovery is good)
    2-Incline db bench 1x15
    3-dips 1x12
    4-chips ups 1x? ( cant do 15, not shure here)
    5-row/lat pulldown down 1x15
    6-shoulder press 1x15
    7- lateral raise 1x15
    8-bicep curls 1x15

    also, doing cardio on off days 3xweek. the thing is im not very strong, take squat for example, my 15 RM is say 110. so at week one am i squating like this. M-65, W-75, F-85. M-95, W-100, friday-110 ? seems like squating 65 isnt gonna do much for me. i also feel like a retard doing one set of somethig with light weight and thats it. Anyway, any insight would help. Thanks

  2. Are you only doing 12 reps on your dips because that's all you can do?

    IMHO...I'd drop the lat raises...but if they are something that you enjoy doing then stick with them.

    Also, squatting 3x per week can be rough on some people's knees. I alternate between squats and deadlifts every other workout. Some do....some don''s your preference.

    On the chin ups....put a chair out in front of you so you can put one leg on it and see if the weight being relieved will allow you to get 15...if not...put up 2 legs. And if you are doing chin ups you can ditch the lat pull downs.

    Once you get into the heavier portion of the routine, you may want to scale back on the cardio as your muscles will need that time to recoup for the next workout.

    Keep at it and in the long run you'll be thankful.

  3. skip the 15 rep portion of the program and start with 8-12. The 15 is only to prepare your joints and tendons for the abuse to come. You'll find as you work to your max that you'll actually use really strict form with the lighter weight so you'll feel the muscles working. Just go with it. There is a ton of research behind it. Don`t get discouraged if you actually loose strength at first.

  4. I wouldnt drop 15 rep portion, I tend to get very good gains on this meso cycle.

    My next setup will be 16/12/8/4

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