What should I change about this split?

  1. What should I change about this split?

    Pretty basic, arms and chest would be my most lagging muscles. Let me hear your thoughts.

    Monday - Chest and Tri's

    Incline and flat presses, flyes, then x-over.
    Alway's alternating incline and flat.
    Followed by something compound for tri's (weighted bench dips or close grip press)

    Tuesday - Leg's and Ab's

    High rep low weight leg extensions (works awesome to loosen up and pump some blood, but not to exhaustion), squat, ham curls, calf raises (alternating seated and standing)
    Followed by Crunshes, leg raises, crunches, and more leg raises

    Wednesday - Back and Bi's

    Superset Chins and pullups, traditional deads, cable rows, wide t-bar row.
    Followed by something compund for Bi's (Olympic bar curl or heavy dumbell curl)

    Thursday - Shoulder's and Ab's

    Dumbell press, superset front and side raise, bent over lat raise, cable upright rows, barbell shrugs.
    Followed by Crunches, leg raise, woodchop, planks.

    Friday - Bi's and Tri's

    Pure reps blast, intense and to complete exhaustion, 21's, buddy curls, press downs, skullcrushers, preacher curl, rope extension. (And anything else that makes me burn)

    Sat - Sun active rest.

  2. You are doing too much arm work! ...well you are doing too much work in general... Also, you need to rest! IMO a 3 day split works the best. MWF... cardio T & Th, rest sat. & sun.

    I've attached a kick ass routine. If the file doesnt work, PM me.
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