Please critique my on-cycle routine

  1. Please critique my on-cycle routine

    About me:
    25 years old. 6' and 198lbs. 12% bf. have been lifting for 9 years...hard for 3 1/2. Diet is in check.

    Went on two weeks ago. 1st inj cycle
    Epi kick-start x 4wks 30,30,30,40
    Test-e 10 wks @500
    Adex and Nolva on hand for issues and PCT as well as other ancillaries (cycle support, cort blocker, etc.)

    My question is about my training. Please critique my split.
    I just came off 6 wks of heavy training in 4-6 rep range. Starting to put on mass already from the cycle and want to make sure I benefit as much as possible from the extra "help".

    Rep ranges are 15, 12, 10 for small muscle groups and 10,8,6,4for compound movements. Calves and abs are high volume. About 5 exercises per muscle group, 3 sets each, except for compound movments which i do 4 sets, some times 5 if I feel I have some left. Workouts are running a little an hr and half..even an hr and 45 min, however, I think I am only working out hard for about an hr. There seems to always be a fair amount bull****ting going on with my buddies.

    M Chest/Bis/Calves
    T - Legs/Shoulders/Abs
    W Bis/Tris/Claves
    R Off/Light Cardio
    F Chest/Tris/Calves
    S Back/Traps/Abs
    S - Off/Light Cardio

    Please let me know what you think...especially people with cycle experience. Recovery is really good right now.

  2. Since you are on cycle you should be able to recover from blasting body parts twice a week but bi's and tri's only get one day of rest. That's the only thing that looked a little suspect to me...everything else seems relatively decent.

  3. You are probably right. Ill try to switch that up. I appreciate the reply. Thanks.

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