For Your Consideration: A 3-Movement Full Body WO

  1. For Your Consideration: A 3-Movement Full Body WO

    Over the past couple of days, I have been working on designing a high set, low rep workout to try in a couple of months - after finishing a 5x5 and then 3x12 split. I decided to limit myself 3 movements per workout, so I may really focus on each lift without worrying about too much fatigue.
    If you have any suggestions or substitutions that may improve this routinge, lemme know, but let's try not to deviate from it's established basics: 7-10 sets, 3-4 reps, 3movments, 3 days a week.

    Aight, here we go:
    Everything 80-90% 1RM

    Snatch-grip Deads 7-10x3
    Push Press 7-10x3
    BB Curls 20x1 (clustered singles, 15s rest between each "set")

    Squats 20x1 Cluster set
    Dips 7-10x3
    Chin-ups 7-10x3

    Clean and Press 20x1 Cluster set
    Bench 7-10x3
    BB or DB Row 7-10x3

    I'll probably throw in some calf work here and there, as well as some hanging pikes or some such for abs. Number of sets for each movement will really be determined by biofeedback.

    So, whatcha think?

  2. Very interesting.

  3. Ok, any suggestions? I'm relatively satisfied with it, but I know there is always room for improvement.

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