Plateau -- Underrated??

  1. Plateau -- Underrated??

    Yes that dreaded word that all exercise lovers hate - Plateau, or more like hitting the plateau.

    Is Plateau underrated though?

    I ask because for a year or so I have plateaued on some specific exercises. For example shoulder laterals. I can get 25 lbs for good 12 reps and 30 for 10, 35 for 8. I try to go higher and my form flops and I don't want to do 45 for 3 reps or anything like that. In other words my weight for shoulder laterals hasnt gone up.

    At the same time my shoulder heads look so much better today than they were a year back.

    So I guess my question is, is it bad to hit a plateau if you keep doing the same weight with great form and receive more benefits than to try increasing the weight and getting hurt?

  2. If you were a powerlifter you might have a problem. But as bodybuilding is about muscle size/shape not strength i would say if your shoulders are coming along it doesnt really matter how much you can put up. I would rather bench 225 and look like i can bench 500, than the other way around, you know?

  3. I'd rather bench 500

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  4. But then you'd have to bring every :chick: off the beach into the gym with you...

  5. I'm thinking along the same lines as futrepilot here. I don't think there's anything wrong with staying where you are in any one area
    if you're lifting as a bodybuilder and your primary concern is your overal physique, proportion, appearance, etc. But if your desires are more performance related, then it's time to switch up the routine, diet, supplementation, etc.



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