Please help new guy get on track to transformation

  1. Please help new guy get on track to transformation

    Hi everyone at AM. I'm 22, 5'10, 159lbs. I want to eventually get to a cut 185. I used to work out hardcore a few years back but fell out of it. I'm ready to get back into it.

    I'm here to gain information on a few things. 1) I would like feedback on the supplements that I am thinking about buying. I'm thinking of starting with NO2 Black w/ CE2 then cycle it with Anabolic Switch / ProNOS. What does everyone think of this combo and how long should a period last before I would cycle off of it?

    The biggest issue that I've had in the past is my diet. However, now that I have a career, I can afford the foods needed to get the results I want. I've subscribed to a Men's Health site for a diet plan and thinking about sticking to that unless everyone else has some other suggestions.

    My goal is to get a nice 6 pack and overall just improve my health. As stated before, I don't want to be the biggest guy at the gym. I just want to have a cut athletic build that will improve my self esteem and confidence.

    If anyone could give some advice on where I should start I would really appreciate it. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on the supplements if it's a bad combo nor do I want to put my health at risk.

    Thank you everyone and I look forward to talking with all of you soon!

  2. Train eat eat eat and sleep sleep sleep. Forget the supps, stick to the nitty gritty and take it from there.

  3. eat well and train hard. consume things like lean beef, chicken and tuna. focus on the compound lifts and get your strength and muscle size up, then cut.

  4. I agree with the other posters. You need to focus on your diet right now. If you get your diet down and train hard, while giving your body plenty of time to recover you will see the gains you are looking for.

    It would be good if you ate at least 1.5g protein per pound of your body weight. Something that at first can be frustrating. One thing that helped me a lot when it came to getting enough protein was preparing meals ahead of time. I will normally take one day a week and prepare a large supply of things like, turkey burgers, tuna burgers (I like making burgers because I can add extra things like oats and lentils to make it a more rounded meal), chicken breasts, eggs, ext...

    If you want it bad enough, it will happen. Worry about the supps when you have the diet and training in good order. I don't know if you are taking any supportive supps like a multi, or fish oils but they would be a good addition as well.

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