Squating form

  1. Squating form

    Ive been squatting for about 6 months and my usual technique has been squatting until upper leg is parallel to ground.

    But the last 6 weeks of the 6 months I have been squatting i started doing the "ass to the grass" technique....

    I have had better gains in the last 6 weeks than the previous 3 months or so doing regular squats.

    "Ass to the grass" is the way to go!

    Thanks AM!

  2. Awesome work, glad you made such tremendous improvement.

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  3. Ass to grass is the only way to squat! Everything else is just half-assing it (pun intended). Congrats!

  4. Way to go!! Nice to see people squatting too.. It's the best way to go, and once you get good at 'em, they're like crack!

  5. Ass to the floor with a narrow stance has yielded the best development for me.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by KingMeso View Post
    Ass to the floor with a narrow stance has yielded the best development for me.
    anybody here ever play with wide stance Sumo squats? :squat:

  7. Go ass to grass with front squats and it will be even better

  8. Sorry, wrong thread.
  9. UKStrength
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    ATG 4 the win


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