This template was made by the head strength, and conditioning coach from Davidson College Evan Simon. Are you tired of the 300 lb fat kid showing you up on the bench, in the gym? Then man up, and add 50lbs to your bench. Get away from all the shiny machines, and cables. Stop worrying about ripping your rotator cup, or pulling your vag. And throw some weight on the bar, cause "If the bar ain't bending then your just pretending."

Max Effort Bench Press

Week 1 – Work up to a 1RM on incline presss
Week 2 – Work up to a 1RM on a 3 board press
Week 3 – Work up to a 5RM on a bench press
Week 4 – Work up to a 1RM on a 2 board press
Week 5 – Work up to a 3RM on a bench press
Week 6 – Work up to a 1RM on a floor press

Dynamic Effort Bench Press

Straight Weight- 60% 9x3, with 3 different grips, close, med,

Then only on DE day, do heavy dumbbell presses for 3x10.

Assistance- for ME, and DE day.

Lat/upper back movement- Dumbell Rows, or Chin ups
Rear Deltoids- face pulls, rear db raises
Triceps- Pressdowns, elbow extensions, rolling triceps
Forearms- Hammer curls, wrist curls