HELP sore left shoulder/arm (i think its the brachialis?)

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    HELP sore left shoulder/arm (i think its the brachialis?)

    right at the bottom of the deltoid, inbetween the bicep and tricep.... right in the crease. it feels like its the bone, like someone punched me right in the middle of the arm. it hurts when im doing triceps or chest. ive taken a couple days off and it didnt seem to go away.

    this has been an ongoing problem in my left arm. how do u know if somethings torn?

  2. seriously, I've been ravaged with injuries lately and I've learned that seeing a doctor is key!

    this might be a sign of tendonitis (I'm trying to visualize where you're describing the pain), it might be where the bicep tendon attaches at the shoulder.


  3. If this is the case I would start taking super cissus by usp labs and I would see the doctor about some prescription grade anti inflammatory. Once I got the inflammation down in my tendonitis it got much better fast.

  4. found a better picture that includes where the tendons attach for both the bicep and tricep

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