1. traps

    alright people, I need some help. my traps are seriously uneven.. I am right handed therefore I obviously use that hand, arms, shoulder for everything.

    so this brings me to the huge problem, that my right trap is so much larger than my left... what can I do?

    when i work them out, i do them both and with the same weight... but it still looks funny. \


  2. Could it be scoliosis? I have a pretty bad curve in my spine that causes me symmetry problems. It's more of an optical illusion though because my right shoulder is noticeably lower than my left. In some poses a muscle could look uneven but mybe compensated for by adjusting the pose. Even lighting can enhance this effect.

    If that's not you then maybe try dumbbell shrugs so the right side can't help the left side. Maybe even do some extra reps with your left only. It could be genetic you have any injuries that could have contributed to your dilemma?

  3. I would definitely recommend checking posture and spinal allignment. If neither of those are an issue, give one hand dumbbell snatches a try, just use you weaker side first and then do the same amount of reps with your stronger side. Another good exercise would probably be overhead shrugs with a barbell, just make sure you keep it very level and concentrate on having a steady contraction of both muscles. If all else fails and both traps remain uneven, at least the one armed snatches will earn you enough respect in your gym that no one will mention anything lol.
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  4. yeah, i'm pretty sure it's not a spine alignment problem, or scolosis.

    but i will definitely try a little more on one side than the other... i guess that just makes plain good sense.

    those one are snatches sound good... lol

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  5. Try hexabar shrugs.

  6. maybe u could get a dumbell on your weak side and do a few extra sets at the end of each trap seshion


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