correcting unevenness

  1. correcting unevenness

    i ripped a tendon in my left elbow a few years back... never had it fixed but with pt i was able to get the strength back to normal. however my left arm is [very] obviously uneven compared to my right arm...

    im not sure how to go about correcting it, or what exercises i should use to correct the uneven areas. i dont really wanna stop working my right arm, but i dont wanna look like a pincher crab either :P
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  2. Just do unilateral work, any movement you can do with dumbbell's instead of barbell's go for it. Use you weaker arm first, and what ever rep range you get with that arm, do the same amount for your stronger arm. Also don't worry so much, There's not that big of a difference, and I am sure if you don't point it out others would never notice anything.
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