Need help with GVT program

  1. Need help with GVT program

    I am just about to finish up my first cycle of German Volume Training and

    "After six of those five-day cycles, I recommend you do a three-week phase where the average set is six to eight reps, and do only four to six sets per body part over a five-day cycle, or you can do any other split that suits your recovery pattern."

    The problem is, I just started taking 4-AD for the first time (this is my 4th day) and want to be training as hard as possible while I am on it.

    Should I simply dive right into the second phase of German Volume Training or skip into a new mass building program entirely?

  2. I just started the first phase of GVT...pretty sure its the same one...howd you like it? good results? also i got some recommendations from some other users on here who had experience with gvt. They said that it is so intense and so much stress that after a few weeks an active unloading phase is necessary. I was also told a week of light work could be sufficient. The problem of losing alot of strength while on gvt is also something i was worried about. I was told it works well for size gains but a lose of strength is almost always experienced. To offset this several users suggested to do phase 1 of gvt, 1 weeks of unloading, then 2-3 weeks of a 5X5 to ramp strength and power back up, week of unloading, phase 2 of gvt. with the size the strength should come back easily and excell above your previous levels. With your experience what do you think about this plan? any suggestions?

  3. GVT for me worked quite well for size. The pumps were amazing and the soreness was crazy as well. Honestly though, it was very grueling and I didn't really enjoy it. I feel very vain doing GVT because it feels to me like I'm working purely for aesthetics and disregarding strength or functionality. I love size, but I also want some strength in a workout as well.

    As for your questions, GVT def requires a 2 week cruise phase for recovery, and 5x5 training for 3 weeks between GVT phases is excellent for the reasons you specified. It allows for strength recuperation etc etc.

    Anyways, if you want size, GVT done right will get you there. Personally, it's not for me, I'll stick with DC.

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