I injured my calf in a rugby game yesterday and I'm hoping just to get some first impressions on what the extent of the injury may be before I head into the doctor tomorrow. So here's what happened, we were playing a fairly large, powerful team and being a fairly large and powerful team ourselves the first scrum was pretty explosive(I'm a lock btw), and thats when my calf "blew-out" for lack of a better term. As we went in to engage, there is a split second when my right knee is still on the ground and my left leg is in the process of locking out when my calf is left to fend for itself before my thighs engage, well we were down a prop and as a result had a smaller front line so when both sides hit I don't know if it was because of the the smaller front line or the forces involved but my calf seemed to contract violently as if cramping then my lower leg just buckled.

I can walk as long as I keep my foot flat on the ground to avoid using my calf and when doing that there is just some soreness in the upper calf muscle, but when I try to do anything on my toes like run or walk normally my leg can't support it and I experience a pain running up the outside of my leg right along the shin. I looked up something about torn calf muscles but those appear to be usually accompanied by bruising which I have none of.

This is really distressing because the season is just kicking into full gear and we have games every weekend so any help on what the injury is or rehab routines would be great, thanks.