best time to train?

  1. best time to train?

    I'm currently on a 5 and 2 work out. I work 1230 pm till 930 pm, so I can either work out in the morning at about 10 am or at night 10pm...What time would I benefit most from because at night i feel like i don't wanna work out at night because it keeps me pumped and I can't fall asleep, but in the morning I feel weak....I'm training to put on a little size...Thanks for the help!

  2. I absolutely love training in the morning about 90 minutes after a solid breakfast. If you're feeling weak in the morning, try taking in some more carbs before your workout and seeing how it goes. Also experiment with a shake about 30mins pre-WO and see if that helps. I prefer working out in the morning so you can fuel your body consistently afterwards, and I also don't sleep well right after working out, but it is a largely personal thing.

    Also have you tried any pre-WO supplements for an energy boost before working out? That might help you with your energy/focus on those morning workouts.

  3. Hmmm... A good sleep aid taken 5on/2off like Somnidren GH would help you wake up more refreshed in the morning and you'll be more apt to want to work out. IMO, if you were to use Somnidren GH @ night and in the morning instead of some stupid stimulant, take some L-Tyrosine at a dose of 2 grams along with 2 grams of Taurine and then start making a good breakfast. Eat a breakfast that has some good nutrient properties and can give you a natural boost. If you can get your hands on a product from Get Diesel called 'Raw Test', take 1 cap of that in the morning and it'll help rebuild adrenals and give you the raws for test (hence Raw Test). Do that 5on/2off with Somnidren GH. For what they are, they're cheap. Really good cost/benefit ratio.

    ... Then train in the morning.
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