circuit training rountine, input needed

  1. circuit training rountine, input needed

    i played love high school baseball and love weight lifting but both world don't seem to meet, i am to sore/tight the next day after lifting which makes my throws in baseball off

    i looking into circuit training though it would be useful during baseball season, is this a balance circuit training routine ???
    its only for 6 weeks, beginning of april to the middle of may
    mon sets Reps
    decline pushups 2 failure
    incline pushups 2 failure
    db curl 2 10
    DB concentration curl 2 10
    leg press 2 10
    leg curl 2 10
    DB shoulder Press 2 10

    tues sets reps
    pullups 2 10
    close grip pulldown 2 10
    skullcrushers 2 10
    pressdowns 2 10
    wristcurl 2 10
    standing calf raises 2 10

    thrus sets Reps
    Incline DB 2 10
    Decline DB 2 10
    Preacher curl 2 10
    barbell curl 2 10
    leg ext 2 10
    box jumps 2 10
    DB Front raise 2 10

    Fri sets Reps
    straight arm pulldown 2 10
    lat row 2 10
    overhead ext 2 10
    dips 2 10
    wrist curl 2 10
    standing calf raises 2 10

    i will be during hitt 4 times a week along with abs

  2. Most of the movements you listed are isolation exercises, where are your compound movements?

    If you want to get bigger and stronger you need to redesign this routine around squats, deadlifts, and benchpress. You should also include barbell shoulder presses, chinups, close grip benchpress for tri's, and some sort of cleans.

    The isolation movements have their place, but if you want to see serious results then you need to seriously tax your body (and there is nothing more taxing than the big three when done right)

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