BEST Way To workout?

  1. BEST Way To workout?

    What do you guys think is best when your working out, like supersetting, or just single? or one set of each going through them all, like whats the best?

  2. It depends on you man, your goals and current level of fitness will determine what is best for you. You will get success with just about any plan or routine as long as you stick to it completely and give it enough time. Also some muscle groups have different rep ranges for hypertrophy, if thats your goal. For example my legs can grow if I do heavy sets with low reps, but my shoulders only grow when I do tri sets and specailzation routines for them. First determine what your short term and ultimate goals are then choose a routine that fits that.
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  3. Ditto on above. Starting out, pretty much anything you do will grow muscle provided your diet is in order and you're getting enough rest.

    My first routine was like 20 sets per bodypart...WAY TOO MUCH volume. But, I still grew. After the inevitable plateau I learned different techniques, exercises, blah blah blah.

    Now I do straight sets for chest with a shock routine every 6-8 weeks, straight sets for back always changing up the last exercise, Shoulder I pre-exhaust, I superset Bi's and Tri's and also superset Quads and hams. Abs are trisets. I usualy do no more than 8 sets per bodypart per week, a big departure from my first routine.

    Short answer, everyone has different biomechanics, different strengths, weaknesses, metabolisms, muscle composition etc. so its really a trial and error algorithm finding whats best for you. Always give a rountine at least 6-8 weeks before you give up on it though.

  4. There is no best

  5. Actually if you were going to choose one way of working out it's only COMPOUND no Isolation exercises. This will put on mass quick. Compound involves free weights, barbell* specifically, use dumbbells later on but when you use barbell other muscle are used as stabilizers etc.. I can go on.. As far as sets, there are no best. You can switch it around. I think the most popular is 4 exercises, 4 sets, 8-12 reps, if you can lift more than 12 bring the weight up....

  6. I agree, there are many routines that work. One thing that crosses every effective routine is intensity! How many times in a gym do you see a person talking in between/during sets, not working to failure, etc. these people never grow on a consistent basis. you should always be striving to better your last workout - one more rep, 5 more pounds, etc.

  7. hey guys what up i was wondering what i should do for a work out im 5'10 1/2 128 lbs max 100 how can i get weight up quick? but also have a safe good work out

  8. Quote Originally Posted by thatguy226 View Post
    hey guys what up i was wondering what i should do for a work out im 5'10 1/2 128 lbs max 100 how can i get weight up quick? but also have a safe good work out
    Get a good clean diet, high calories and start off with free weights, weights you can lift with good form. Then increase weight as you can, when you can do more than 8 reps increase it.


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