Need New Split - Help Critique

  1. Need New Split - Help Critique

    Here's what I have in mind for right now:

    Sunday: Back, shoulders, abs

    Monday: Off from weight-training, ~20-35 mins. of cardio, abs

    Tuesday: Legs (maybe something else, too?)

    Wednesday: ~20-35 mins. of cardio, abs

    Thursday: Off from weight-training, abs (any other suggestions?)

    Friday: Chest, abs, ~20-35 mins. of cardio

    Saturday: Biceps, triceps, maybe abs (any other suggestions?)

    Critique this for me. Give me suggestions. Switch it up. Make it better! Unless this is a good idea in itself. Anything.

    Thanks, people.

  2. i personally hate doing triceps the day after doing chest. if you really work out your chest then of course your going to work out alot of your triceps as well. i think you would get greater benefits by giving those a day apart at least.



    i like to alternate between push/pull movements but at the moment i am currently doing push/push and pull/pull just to mix it up a little bit. im sure youve seen both of these routines but the only thing i guess i would reallly change on yours is to switch your legs to saturday and your biceps/triceps to tuesday that way your not doing 2 push exercises 2 days in a row.

  3. Would it still be okay for me to work on my abs for a few days, take a day or two off and then work on them for another few days, and so on and so forth?

  4. abs 4 days a week should be fine, but just dont over due it; a common mistake is over training your abs.

  5. The main thing I avoid in a split is one type of movement. By that I mean do not have your WO consisting of only pushing (i.e. chest/triceps/delts) or pulling (i.e. back/biceps).
    M.Ed. Ex Phys




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