benching with scoliosis

  1. benching with scoliosis

    i have a alittle bit of scoliosis and i was doing a machine press and noticed when i was pressing that one of my shoulders was lower than the other one. my chest sucks and i cant push anything(just bc genetics). the scoliosis has to hinder my bench somehow. idk i just wanted to see what you guys thought

  2. You can definitly work around it. I have a double s curve and the only place it slows me down is floor ab exercises.

    Do you work your back at least once a week? The more I work my back the less pain I have. I look at it as a cast of muscle keeping the spine tight!

    My bench is actually going up so just hang in there. Maybe hit your chest with some new exercises to induce growth?

  3. mines not doesnt slow me down nor does it hurt. i was just wondering. yes i work my back once a week, yes i do dealifts and yes thats my strongest lift haha. i happen to LOVE back

  4. I feel your pain...literally. When I relax my torso, my right shoulder is noticeably lower than the left one due to an S-shape in the good ol' spinal column. Like crader said, keeping your back (and core) strong will help support your spine better. You have to work with what you've got right? Muscle can act as an awesome cushion/guide for your spine.

    It never affected my strength but I do injure myself more often than most b/c of the uneven nature of shear applied on my body. I have lots of pain in my lumbar/lats/rhomboid/teres on the right side because of this. Even goes up into my neck sometimes. BUT as long as I keep in shape I minimize the pain.

    Don't let a physical abnormality become a mental roadblock though. If you get in a rut thinking "gee, I have scoliosis so I'm never gonna reach goal x, y and z" then it turns into a self fulfilled prophecy. Your mind can be be your own worst enemy. Don't let it!

  5. I agree if anything I push harder to suceed. My diet has to be dead on all the time or i look fat though as one of my curves is my lower spine so it pushes my abs out.

  6. yea im pretty sure my stomach pokes out some too. haha. im not giving myself an excuse. its just looked really weird to me when i was pressing how mis shaped my shoulders were. thats all


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