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  1. Havoc On Hst

    Here is my long story summed up very simple and basic.

    I was previously doing a Musclenow program which I could not complete because of how much volume and constant CNS over stimulation that kept progressing as the cycle went on. ALSO... I am on week 3 of a Havoc cycle in which I have a bit over a week left on until I start pct. I switched from Musclenow to HST about a week ago and began on the 10s which I just finished and got pretty much accurate maxes for my 10's.

    Now that you know where I am coming from here are my few questions:

    1) I have been training for a while non-stop and really feel the need to SD soon but I am in the middle of my havoc cycle and I don't wanna SD on cycle OR in my pct, in fear of muscle-loss. I would like your opinions on when I should SD. I have 1 week left on havoc and I have 4 more weeks of 5's... so go from there.

    2) When I set my hst training up, I really feel the need to have alternate exercises for muscles. For example: one day for Bi's I will do 2 sets of ez bar curls, but on the next day I would like to do preacher curls. What I don't understand is how you would do your maxes for both of the lifts? On the Friday of the second week I would be on my (A) day and would be doing my max's for ez bar curls, which is cool, but what happens to the preacher max's?
    I have done alota reading and research before I asked this question so I feel as if I MAY possibly know the answer to this question but I am not sure...Would I basically just have 3 increases of weight for each exercise? Ie.. If my max for ez curl is 100 x 10 then I would just go 80x10 / 90x10 / 100x10. And the same idea for preachers? So I would have my max's completed for my (B) day wed and then max's completed for my (A) day on Friday?

    3) This question is in regard to the last question. If you have done a few hst programs before and you have NOT alternated and HAVE alternated as I described above, which did you prefer in terms of gains and stagnating?

    4) What happens when you get to your max day, but you can definitely push through your predetermined max? Do you just continue doing more reps, or do you bump it up for the next set.

    5) Lastly, what happens when your max is 200 on bench for 10 reps, and on your max day you get 200 barely for the 1st set but definitely cant get 10 reps again for the second set, how do you work that out.

    I really appreciate your time reading and answering these questions. I have been doing alot of research and I simply could not find the answers to these questions, so please do not think I didn't try to help myself first. Thanks!


  2. maybe exercise science was a better forum for this thread :-\

  3. How long is your PCT?

    How about instead of doing a full SD, how about if you just do the basic movements (Bench, Squat/Dead, Row, Pull up/downs).

    The drop in the amount of movements can make your routine shorter and a bit more bearable.

    My opinion, gut it out for the rest of your PCT, just don't kill yourself. Use some lighter weights, you don't have to do the 5's at the heaviest weights, do them enough just to put a load on the muscle.

    As far as your #2. I have a lot of exercises that my 5th & 6th workout has the same weight duplicated.

    so go with:

    M: Preacher Curl 80#
    W: EZ Bar 80#
    F: Preacher curl 90#
    M EZ Bar 90#
    W Preacher Curl 100#
    F EZ Bar 100#

    Or what ever your weights would be

    3. I stick with the same basic exercises, but I do alternate some each time I start a new cycle just to keep the boredom down. I.E. For bench presses, one cycle I'll do flats and then the next I'll put the bench on an incline 1 click (home gym), one time I'll do EZ Bar curls, the next I'll do hammers, some times I go with close grip pulldowns other times I use the regular pull down bar. I've never seen that I've stopped growing and my strength is always going up. The only thing that has impeded me is injuries I've sustained at my job.

    In the last 8 months I've really concentrated on legs a lot more after reading the benefits of them and I started doing deadlifts (hated them before I learned how beneficial they were) Between doing squats and deads I've gained 3 inches on my thighs, which is great for a guy with chicken legs <--me. So to answer your question, doing the same leg exercises hasn't stopped my strength or growth, but I believe that is due to SD, changing the rep scheme, and progressive loading.

    4. If I can do more on my max day, I make a note of it for my next cycle and move on to the next rep scheme.

    5. If I can't finish the reps in the final set, I do what I can and call it good. Your body truly doesn't know the difference between 8 and 10 reps IMO. As long as the muscle receives the load I don't see the problem.

    If all else fails, ask the question over at the HST board, they always are willing to help.

    Good luck and let me know if I can be of any further help.

  4. 1. SD after pct

    2. I use A/B for 1/2 of my exercises (which makes those 3 times every 2 weeks). The other 1/2 follow traditional HST 3x/wk structure.

    3. I like to keep my "favorite" exercises in HST format so that I can systematically progress them. If my favorite moves are in my HST split, then there's never a feeling of boredom.

    I swap HST for various other splits in 6-8 week intervals.

    4. My personal opinion is that the whole point of HST is to make progress in body composition without having to constantly reach failure. I do the predetermined weight for the predetermined reps. I'd guess the majority would disagree with my opinion on this particular question

    5. I take a few deep breathes and make sure the fukcer goes up 10 times

    *side note: HST is 1000 times better the second time around. That way, exercise choice, volume, A/B splits, inclusion of cardio and core, etc etc can be adjusted to your liking. HST is the MOST fun I've ever had with workout splits... but it's only as effective as your predetermined plan.

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