Who's training tonight!

  1. Talking Who's training tonight!

    Im in my last hour of work and im hitting the gym tonight straight after.

    Im pumped thinking about it! I know its gonna be a good workout today!

    I recently changed up my 6 day split routine to a 3 times a week 5x5 and i love the new challenges it provides. Ive been gaining strength every week!

    Tonights menu consists of deadlifts, smith machine squats and military press.
    Couple of isolations include dumbell lat raise, smith calf raise and weighted situps.

    Im gonna beat the **** out those weights tonight, come home and eat a shedload of mince and wholegrain rice with hot sauce and then attempt some cardio on my girlfriend

    Anyone else got that burning feeling waiting to be unleashed in the gym tonight?!


  2. i have the burning feeling to want to go play smash bros brawl all night... weird.

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