knee tendonitis - trying to put together a new workout routine for my legs

  1. knee tendonitis - trying to put together a new workout routine for my legs

    I've been suffering tendonitis in my left knee for about 2 months, I've been taking the medication the doctor prescribed but it still haunts me every day. my legs are turning into chicken legs!!!

    anyone have any ideas on leg routines that won't aggrevate the tendonitis too much?

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  3. First off, what is the prescription, I suspect itís an NSAID. Also, if anything I say contradicts you doc, go with the doc.

    Thereís probably more than 1 therapy, but I give you what works for me. First off, you cannot keep aggravating it or it wonít go away. Typically, if I do everything right it will go away in about 6 weeks. If I feel any real pain working out, then the process starts over. This is why it sometimes wonít go away. Shoulder and elbo tendonitis is easier in that you can work around it. With knees there doesnít seem to be a way to do that which makes it especially frustrating.

    Secondly, you need to keep working it. So you need a middle ground where you can work it without aggravating it. Do not work thru the pain. Start by warming up with something extremely light, then go on to sets of 10 or more reps. Donít go under 10 reps until youíre positive youíre over it, because if youíre feeling better, youíre still risking damage. When I screwed up my knees I started my rehab with just a light stationary bike work out. Do whatever it takes to work it without real pain. Also, unless your doctor said otherwise, donít take any pain reliever, including Cissus before the workout. Youíll mask the pain causing further damage.

    If youíre running stop and do a stationary bike or something low impact.

    Supplements like glucosamine/chondroitin, omega 3ís and/or cissus can help, but itís the therapy that makes the most difference.

    Good luck

  4. Exercising in water is an effective way to work around joint injuries. Decent resistance with minimal stress to the joint. I have used it several times for PT and post op recovery for my knees.

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