On my way up to visit the in-laws over the weekend (yippee), I picked up a Men's Health to read while on the road. It had a few lower body type exercises that I've never thought of before.

One was a walking lunge while unilaterally OH pressing DBs. As you lunge, you press the opposite arm DB. I really enjoyed it vs. a regular DB lunge where you hold the weights down at your side. I also did a variation of this pressing an EZ-curl bar, which felt great, as well.

Another was a simply jumping while holding DBs... squatting low and exploding up w/ your head/chest.

I combined those two exercises w/ a couple sets of unilateral lying leg curls and standing calf-raises. My legs are completely shot. I've experienced DOMS before, but this was IOMS (Immediate Onset Muscle Soreness). By the time I got home, my calves and quads were both aching - the usual feeling I get a day or two after my normal leg training. Also, a nice perk, my traps are already sore, too - I suppose from holding the DBs while jumping.

All these upper/lower combos really had my heart going and I actually felt 'athletic' versus just being 'swole' as during my normal bodybuilding style routines.

Just thought I would share a couple things that one may want to try when he/she is looking for something new/different to do.

Any other recommendations are welcome as lower body variation is getting harder and harder to come by.