First off, I've been running close to 3-3.5 miles on a treadmill about every other day (I jog at 7 mph for first 4 minutes then sprint at 9 mph for 5 min straight then go back down to 7 mph for 5 minutes and then I sprint another 5 min at 9 mph then finish it off by jogging at 7 mph) and I go on the stationary bike at level 15 for 3 miles.

Is that too much for cardio? Or even proper cardio? I'm trying to near it to high intensity levels...-_-

Next question is, should I cut down the cardio if I'm going to strength train (lift probably 3 times a week).

I've made improvements since the last time I made a thread here (I'm 6'1 and now about 160-163 lbs). Yes yes my goal is like most people to get ridiculously ripped, but I want to look slim as well. My goal is to get to 185 and about 4-5% body fat.

Which brings me to my final question: should I still be taking in the amount of calories/food I should be taking as if I was trying to bulk up?

I'm not exactly eating the most proper foods cause friends (who bodybuild) have told me to just eat lots and lots of fatty foods to pack on some weight first since I was so skinny.

But anyways please feel free to suggest anything from training to nuitrition cause right now I'm eating:

breakfast - usually bowl of oatmeal with a spoonful of honey OR sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, muffin with gravy

then eat a trail mix bar for a snack

lunch - turkey sandwich on wheat with ranch and honey mustard (yes I cheat ALOT) with a power bar.

then about 2 trail mix bars (fruit and nuts) for snacks in the afternoon

dinner - ...****, almost everything in the dorms is purely trash, usually fried chicken strips, or chicken meltsz (sometimes two)...etc along with a power bar

then another 1-2 trail mix bars

then a bowl of oatmeal about 30-40 min before I go to sleep

i don't exactly know how much protein I'm taking but I'm trying to make an improvement with these power bars, etc...