how much water do you drink during exercise?

  1. how much water do you drink during exercise?

    i usually drink about 50-80oz of water while exercising. i know some people that can't handle more than 20oz, they get upset stomach. how much do you drink and is there such thing as too much water during exercise?

  2. as far as too much, i couldnt say yes. when i goto the gym i see some guys with gallon jugs of water who finish it and even refill for myself i get in the groove and only drink between lifts (not sets). so probably about 36-48oz during my WO, but a crap load more after im done and cool off

  3. the only problem i have is having to piss. i have to go at least 2 times during my workouts, which is annoying

  4. maybe take a piss right before u start your warmups and cut back on your water intake during your WO. consume less unless you get real thirsty then just rehydrate yourself after you finish....i typically have to piss soon after im done

  5. I have a three liter jug that I carry everywhere with me and I can easily finish it during a workout, especially on leg days. I have to say however, that I drink water like no other. I probably average a liter an hour at least if I had to take a guess.

    No I don't see how it could be a problem. Just piss before you start and if your working hard enough then you shouldn't have to piss before the workouts over because you'll be sweating it off as quick as you can drink it (at least this is my experience).

  6. I can't drink a lot straight water while I am working out. I get sick to my stomach if I do. Typically, I'll mix in some gatorade or powerade. It may be a potassium thing. Usually put away anywhere from 32 to 48 oz during workouts.

  7. I just carry a 1 gallon carton and drink 3/4 of a gallon during my workout and finish the other 1/4 with my post workout meal. No problems with pissing during training. Don't overcompensate though and drink more than your body can handle/needs. If you take in too much your body won't utilize it all and it can through off the balance of some important things in the body.

  8. i drink at least 1.5L every workout...usually more than 2L though and that does not include the water i take in a short preworkout time or when i used GlycerGrow(i drink a TON on this)
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  9. Assuming my beginning/preworkout drink counts then around 60-80 ounces.
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  10. I always drink a full 3 liter jug during my workout, and a lot of time refill some of it for my cardio session.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by DieselPump View Post
    I always drink a full 3 liter jug during my workout, and a lot of time refill some of it for my cardio session.
    Is it a Deer Park jug by any chance??

  12. Quote Originally Posted by TerribleTowel View Post
    Is it a Deer Park jug by any chance??

    Nope, just a Nestle Pure Life 3L jug.

  13. Dont know how much an oz is but i do about 1L give or take a bit. More if i do cardio. I get too bloated otherwise.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by DieselPump View Post
    Nope, just a Nestle Pure Life 3L jug.
    Just wondering. I use a Deer Park 3L jug.

  15. I always have a gallon jug of water with me and finish it by the time I am done with my cardio and weights. I also usually add lemon juice to my water for several reasons - helps reduce bloating, cleanses the liver, and is a helpful weight loss substance just to name a few.

  16. I drink around 32 oz during my workout. I mix some BCAA's and gatorade powder in a 16 oz bottle of water, and sometimes have a little more during. Pre workout I also have 16 oz or a little more with my shakes.

  17. whatver 2-3 pounds is.

  18. I tend to drink around 46 oz or more...I do drink about a half a gallon on some days, but when I'm blasting on legs I tend to not drink as much because I get nauseas when I drink too much....


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