Deployed: Nutrition and wanting to get big.

  1. Deployed: Nutrition and wanting to get big.

    What is up? I am 24 yrs old. I am currently deployed to Iraq in support of Iraqi Freedom. The gym here is good but the Chow Hall is ridiculous. I have a shyte load of protein but I am under the impression that too much Shakes is bad for the digestive tract. So i am reduced to eating the high fat, high carb food that the DFAC puts out. I understand why the food is the way it is but it does not seem to be the best for a starting body builder. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Also the way things are shaping up it is looking like i will not have a whole lot of access to the gym in a few months. So what are some good replacement exercise. I was thinking about 5-gallon Water jug squats(sumo and one legged), sit-ups, Push-ups (varied angles and hand positions) and of course running. What other exercises can be done with own body weight to increase my size during the the period i wong have access to the gym for?

  2. Thats one reason i would not join the army.I knew a guy that told me about doing curls while someone pushes back on your hands.Their were many others,use your imagination.Sounds crazy,but he said bootcamp taught them that.

  3. Man, Tell me you aren't in Al Taqaddum. If you are.. Welcome to hell!

    I would utilize the search ability on these forums.. That would be your best bet in finding info.

    Take care,

    Semper Fi

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ValorOfOne View Post
    Man, Tell me you aren't in Al Taqaddum. If you are.. Welcome to hell!

    I would utilize the search ability on these forums.. That would be your best bet in finding info.

    Take care,

    Semper Fi

    Nah cousin i am in Baquoba or however you spell it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Rangers Out Front

  5. you can do prison type workouts.stuff your bag full of clothes and press it for reps,shoulder it and squat,there is always a way to do dips(add#),do hindu squats,floor press your bunk(have a buddy lie on it for more #),push vehicles,pull things,lift rocks etc etc for nutrition.shakes do get old but you can add wheat germ,brewers yeast,flax meal to them and there is no digestive problems. add pineapple juice or take bromelain/papain enzyme tabs with your shake also.i work construction and have no time to sit and eat a decent meal as daily shake consists of 1 scoop musclemilk 1 cup powdered milk,a shot of coconut milk,1tbsp brewers yeast,1tbsp wheat germ,a pinch of flax meal,lots of ice and then whatever else i feel like throwing in for xtra cals.i sip this throughout the day.there are tons of bodyweight moves you can do just search can always hit the weights when you get back home.good luck and thanks for doing what you do over there.

  6. Have you been getting good results with this satyricon?I work construction too,but i work for my dad and i'm allowed to eat every two hours.Just wondering how far you have got this way,and if you continue to advance.

  7. Sand bags are your friend! Learn it, live it, love it. I was in Iraq in 03 and 05, MRE's and makeshift weights! It's a pain in the ass, but if you have some friends that are interested also, sit down brain storm and you can come up with some great stuff.

    We used ammo cans, water jugs, sand bags, and actual slabs of concrete that were used to hold flags and stuff.

  8. They make water bags in prison.

  9. ya ive gotten good results from this type of diet. im not really a bodybuilder type so i cant say much about it getting you ripped or anything. basically i eat my oats/flaxmeal/wheatgerm/brewersyeast+1 scoop of musclemilk before i leave for work,have my coffee while driving,after about an hour or so of work i eat some food(egg sandwch,burrito etc. maybe a nutragrain bar, a banana and a few sips of my shake,then ill just go to my lunchbox thruout the day and take some of the shake.i try to get in a few raw veggies around noon.then on workout days ill have a lite snack(apple,orange,trail mix) on the way home, get some coffee or tea and prepare for my workout.on non workout days ill eat more in the afternoon. dinner is pretty much whatever i want.also, i try to mix up the ingredients of the shake every few days to prevent any food allergy bw has been fairly consistant on this type of diet.if i want to put on wt ill just add in some olive oil,heavy cream,coconut milk to the shake. lately the main stuff has been pineapple juice powdered milk,wheat germ,egg beaters yogurt and 1tsp of bcaa's. i only do strongman,power,oly and conditioning type stuff. 2 days a week of lifting and 2 days of conditioning stuff. im 39 and i feel great (except for the usual aches and pains from lifting and construction) my # on my lifts go up and up regularly and ive yet to feel overtrained.if i dont feel like working out at all ill just take the dogs out for a long walk or whatever. i also drink whiskey in my spare time. so ya you could say this "regimen" has been working for me.


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