Need some training routine plz. noobie

  1. Red face Need some training routine plz. noobie

    I've been training for 1-2 months on the Gym.(Went to the gym for 4 months like 5 months ago, but had to quit do to lack of $). I think my routine is quite bad so I need suggestions on what to do.

    I'm just 55kilos weight, 173cms.

    I do, Monday and Thrusday Biceps, Triceps and Chest.
    Tuesdays and Fridays Shoulder and Back.
    Wednesday I don't train (day off)
    And I can't do Legs because I have an injurie and I have 2 months off using them (just walking hurts alot)

    If you people could help me, I'm really skinny, and wish to do something about it. Basically Arms, chest and back routines, (if pictures available would be great, since I don't know the name of the excercises in english since Im from Latin America).

    My main language is Spanish, I know english, but not on technical issues such as Going to the Gym :$

  2. Welcome to AnabolicMinds!...

    Their are plenty of threads on this forum that deal with your question.. A search for routines should bring up something of interest- but if language is an issue.. Just go ahead and give me your first language, and I will direct you further.

  3. thank you! I'm actually not THAT new to this webpage, I registered long time ago, and been watching this site every once in a while for Supplement info (creatine, proteins etc).

    If someone who knows spanish could assist me, would be thnx


  4. Their are plenty of sites online that provide spanish speaking reference to exercise techniques. You could start with one of the many online video upload sites. Or you could even use a search engine.

    I know a bit of spanish, but I can't describe them as well as a video could!

    I hope you can find something to help you, best wishes...


  5. Hey here is a good start.

    This helped me.
    Good Luck

  6. pretty neat info. TYVM!

    I went to youtube and watch what was deadlift, going to do it!



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