Help.. Need something to add more weight to leg machines...

  1. Help.. Need something to add more weight to leg machines...

    My gym currently has an Icarian leg sled which can only hold 8 45lb plates on each side.. I need to find attachments/extensions that can hook on the existing plate load, so i can add more plates.. I have seen this before.. Anyone know where i can purchase a set??

  2. No but until you do you could always have one of your friends sit on it.

  3. Or you could start taking your legs down untill they wont go down anymore......Use a full range of motion.Or stop being a Pu$$y and sq!!!!!!

  4. I do squat jacka**... Every workout.. The icarian leg sled only holds 8 45lb plates on each side.. 720lbs + weight of sled is relatively easy when ur 29 years old and have been training since 14 years of age.. :squat:

  5. I've watched people have buddies sit on the top of the sled, thats all I can think of. Unless you do sled drags?

  6. "Or stop being a Pu$$y and sq!!!!!!." Agreed
    just add more weight to the bar, lets see if you max it out??

  7. or do single leg stuff on the press machine and work more on your f*#king squats.


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